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Increasing security after being burgled

June 19th, 2019

When your home is burgled this can have a lasting effect on you as a homeowner.

Always change your locks

The primary way to take back control of your home following a break-in is to install a new set of locks for the windows and doors that were affected by the burglary. isf lock and safe ltd can quickly repair and replace damaged locks, allowing you peace of mind that your property is once again safe and secure.

Always Upgrade Locks 

Upgrading the door locks used in your home can offer great reassurance following a burglary. Installing new alarm systems such as ‘Anti Snap Locks’ helps to make your home more resistant to forced entry and means that you can feel confident that your property is better protected than ever before

Identify Weaknesses

isf lock and safe ltd will assess your home security this can be of great benefit to you if you still feel nervous following a burglary. A survey performed by a isf lock and safe ltd will identify any weaknesses in your domestic security, with recommendations provided in order to help you make the correct changes

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