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local locksmith or finding one may not be as straight forward as your might think.
There are a lot of company’s advertising as local when they are not the usual signs that they are not local is a 0800 number or they will ask you to quote a Reference number from the advert this will tell them where you are, in most cases you will pay up to 3 times as much than what a local locksmith would charge and the people they send will not be competent in most cases damaging locks doors unnecessarily which will then need replacing at a vastly higher price on some occasions they will ask you for a credit card or debit card before they even attend if you then cancel the job they will still charge you.
Any genuine local Locksmith will always be able to give an estimate of what the price will be to do the job correctly and in most cases this will not change.

If you ever want a price to open locks upgrade your security etc call me or email me on 0191-2688009 or 07772623891

After calling numerous other locksmith company’s all quoting vastly inflated prices to open the safe most saying it would need drilling the customer called isf lock and safe ltd

The safe a Pheonix Grade 0 needed picked opening after customer had lost his keys

After getting a picture of the safe from the customer I quoted to pick open and replace lock, the lock fitted is a Stuv these locks can at times be tricky picking them open.

Safe picked open with no damage

After opening the safe i serviced it then fitted a new Stuv lock c/w 2 keys & fully tested.

Want your locks or safes opened with the minimum of fuss call a reliable trustworthy locksmith on 07772623891  #pick #keys #locksmiths #safes #locksmith #Newcastle #northeast www.isflockandsafe.co.uk

door left

Left hand side of garage door

door right

Right hand side of the garage door


Where possible always try to have good locks fitted in some cases this can not be achieved so additional locks maybe required on these pictures of a garage door I recently upgraded I fitted 2 Bary garage door locks both keyed alike and bolted on to the door.

These locks stop the door being peeled up offering additional security and piece of mind knowing that your garage contents are secure.

Below are the locks that were fitted on to either side of the garage door, if you want your house/garage or shed locks upgraded feel free to contact me on 0191-2688009 or 07772623891


Always when moving house have your locks changed even if its a new build you just don’t know who has any of the keys.
Beware if you are unfortunate to suffer a burglary where there is no visible signs of entry or damage because they have had keys then your insurance will be void.

Want your locks all keyed on 1 key so all the locks work on the same key or restricted section so no one can obtain a copy.




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After all the years doing this job i love it still amazes me the incompetence of some of the work people do that is totally unacceptable so I Had to post this when I don’t normally, but this so called locksmith upvc installer did this job 2 weeks ago needless to say I’ve had to put it right the 1st Picture is of the lock all repaired and the 2nd & 3rd pictures is what the lock looked like before I had repaired it and the bracket they had used to do this.

They charged an absolute fortune to basically shove this bracket in the latch under the fore-end, then left saying he couldn’t get lock you need a new door.

Surprised it lasted so long, the customer a lady pensioner could not get in or out of the door when it failed.  I turned up on site got it open and did a temp repair so she could use.
I sourced the lock and returned the next day and fitted it.
These so called locksmiths give us all a bad name and its about time they were clamped down on, to stop these parasites taking advantage of distressed and vulnerable people.
So if your ever in need of any lock or safe services do your research. Don’t get the ones that have Quote Ref “number” these are not local and it could be anyone turning up at your door.
If its online check reviews good locksmiths will have dozens of reviews not 1 or 2  “that they have done themselves” which these parasites will do
Ask for id
Ask for proof of associations or public liability etc any good locksmith will carry these.

If you have any Lock or Safes that need opening repaired or serviced give me a call on 0191-2688009 or 07772623891

Safes are a specialist item that you cannot “do it yourself” to try and save money.

Ultimately it could end up costing owners more as they cause further damage and it means a job that would have been straight forward for our safe engineers will be more complicated.

Here are a two examples of safes that owners have attempted to open without success. Customers often try to drill the locks off, however if you do not drill in the correct places you end up setting off the internal security locks.

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ISF Lock and Safe | Safe opening in Newcastle
ISF Lock and Safe | Safe opening in Newcastle

Compare that to the next set of pictures, here I have picked open the safe with no damage, then either new keys or a new lock fitted and customer has their safe back good as new. Often safe engineers will charge a set price for openings, and this is the expertise and skill that you are paying for.

ISF Lock and Safe | Safe opening in Newcastle
ISF Lock and Safe | Safe opening in Newcastle
ISF Lock and Safe | Safe opening in Newcastle
ISF Lock and Safe | Safe opening in Newcastle

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Lock snapping involves breaking of the lock or cylinder hardware using physical force of any sort. This is one of the ways by which burglars can gain entry into homes and they can execute it quickly using simple tools such as hammers and screwdrivers.

Euro Profile cylinder locks are mostly fitted on UPVC and composite doors in houses and homeowners need to be careful in such cases. After forcible breaking, the locking mechanism is then exposed allowing manual disengagement of the lock. This is a serious threat not only to property but also your family’s safety.

Time to change?

If you have identified that your doors are fitted with Euro Profile cylinder lock, then you may want to change it altogether a more secure kind of lock. There is a multitude of door locks commercially available depending on the amount of security you require.

Time to upgrade your security?

You can upgrade to BSI kite marked Euro Cylinder locks these can be Anti Snap, Anti bump and anti pick. Furthermore they can be put on a restricted section, so no keys can be cut without your permission.

These locks can also be keyed all on 1 key so all your front, back & conservatory doors can all work on 1 key.

Should you want your home security surveyed and a price to upgrade the locks then please do not hesitate to contact me on 0191 268 8009 or 07772623891 or submit an enquiry online by clicking here

Having large amounts of cash at home may keep you safe from online fraud and bank charges, but then there’s always an outside chance of fire or theft. So, for those who want to keep their cash at home, it’s far more sensible to invest in a decent safe.

1) Check your insurance policy

First off, it’s important to check the fine print of your contents insurance policy before deciding on the right way forward.

Most insurance providers will only cover a fairly small amount of cash in the home if it is not kept in a safe. So if there’s a fire or you’re robbed, you may find that you’re only covered for the first £250-£500, and you may well be underinsured.

Insurance providers will obviously make more concessions for money kept in a safe, as there will be less risk of a claim arising. However, as much as a safe is recommended for jewellery, personal family heirlooms and a modest amount of cash, it’s probably best not to keep your life savings in it.

2) How to choose the right safe

Firstly get a safe which is big enough for the volume of valuables you intend to put in it!

Beyond that, it’s worth considering just how robust the safe in question is. Every safe has a cash rating or a grade, which broadly indicates how secure it is.

So, for example, a safe with a cash rating of £6,000 will be tougher to break into than one with a cash rating of £1,000. Whatever cash rating it is the jewellery-valuables rating will be 10 times its cash rating.

However, it is important to bear in mind that this rating only tells you how secure a safe is considered to be… It does not necessarily have a bearing on how much of its contents will be covered by your insurance policy. So, before committing to buying a safe, check against your policy first. Some policies may cover you for a cash value beyond your safe’s rating, but some may cover you for less.

It’s possible to get lightweight, compact safes which you could store in your cupboard or attic and so on, these do cost more, for more heavyweight safes, you should follow the Safe Engineers advice on where to position it within your home.

You many need to anchor the safe to the ground or to a wall. That way, any opportunistic burglars won’t simply carry it away with a view to trying to open it later away from your property. Plus, a safe’s cash rating only applies when the safe is correctly installed.

Safes can be opened and locked in a variety of different ways, so it’s up to you to choose which method suits you best. You could go for a traditional key, an electronic type pad, or even one which recognises your fingerprint.

If you have any questions or would like to look into getting a house hold safe please feel free to contact me

Have you changed your locks since you moved home?

Recent surveys have suggested that up to 80% of residents have not had thier locks changed when they moved home

When you stop and think about it, you have no idea how many previous owners have had keys or who they have gave keys to, such as to friends and family.

11% of people move home each year (an average of moving 8 times in a lifetime) meaning that there are an awful lot of people out there with keys for someone else’s property.

Statistics show that 6 out of 10 burglaries are now carried out through the front or back doors of homes in the UK – a lot of these without any noticeable damage, suggesting that the burglars have had previous knowledge or possibly even keys for the house.

So if you haven’t changed your locks since moving in, give us a call 07772623891

Emergency locksmiths do not take a deposit over the phone for a job. Payment is usually on completion.

Companies not in your area will give you a reference number (REF NO XXX) this job is then sub contracted to non specialists. Be aware they are likely to cause more damage to your lock/door, and charge more.

Check for reviews and testimonials on independent sites such as Yell or Google

A good locksmith will be able to give you a price range for the job from a detailed description of the problem. They will also check prices with you before commencement of any job.

Look for membership of professional body such as SAVTA or MLA.