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General FAQs

Yes all parts supplied are covered by a 1 year guarantee subject to normal wear and tear.

Most cards with chip and pin, cash, BACS, PayPal and cheques with a guarantee card are accepted

No, all jobs are priced accordingly and there are no hidden call out charges

Most jobs will have a fixed price and this is agreed in advance. On certain occasions where the information is not clear, then I would charge by the hour.

Locksmith FAQs

Yes I can open locks with no damage and replace with a good quality lock.

Yes both locks can be opened and will be replaced with British Standard locks.

Yes all wooden and uPVC windows can be catered for, we would survey first and then make recommendations.

The door or frame has moved slightly, it may need adjustment.

The lock gearbox has failed, yes it can be opened and a new gearbox fitted with no damage to the door.

In 99% of cases depending on your problem this can be done with no damage.

Yes this can be done, ideally we could survey and measure before completion, however this is not always necessary as we stock a wide range of security locks.

Yes all your looks can be made to work on one key, a survey is required to measure lock sizes and type. We aim to have these fitted within 5 working days of survey.

Yes most garage locks are easily opened and the lock replaced with no damage.

Yes subject to survey, locks can be fitted that are restricted so no other key can be cut without your authorisation

Yes you can have a master key or restricted key system, all tenants would have to get your authorisation for any extra keys. The keys are designed with special section that cannot be duplicated.

Safe opening FAQs

At survey, I would discuss which safe would best suit your needs and make recommendations for the location of the safe.

Yes it can be opened as long as the safe lock is in working order.

Yes, if the lock on the safe is not damaged, I can pick open and make new keys

Yes subject to a survey and the size and location of the safe.

Subject to survey a safe can go upstairs but this is dependent on the type of safe and the surroundings.

That is dependent on your needs if you have multiple key holders ie. more than 3; it is better to have digital lock as lost/stolen keys can be expensive to replace. With a digital lock the code can be changed.

Yes if it has a working key lock and keys are lost/stolen I can pick these open with no damage.

A data safe would protect your documents and can be easily installed. A data safe should not be used for cash and jewellery.

Yes it can be opened with no damage to the lock, the combination can be retrieved and reset to numbers of your choice.

All safes will provide cash and jewellery cover. We would recommend £1000 cash cover as a minimum and this will provide you with £10,000 jewellery cover. Jewellery cover is always 10 times the cash cover of any safe.