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Choosing the right Locksmith

February 14th, 2018


After all the years doing this job i love it still amazes me the incompetence of some of the work people do that is totally unacceptable so I Had to post this when I don’t normally, but this so called locksmith upvc installer did this job 2 weeks ago needless to say I’ve had to put it right the 1st Picture is of the lock all repaired and the 2nd & 3rd pictures is what the lock looked like before I had repaired it and the bracket they had used to do this.

They charged an absolute fortune to basically shove this bracket in the latch under the fore-end, then left saying he couldn’t get lock you need a new door.

Surprised it lasted so long, the customer a lady pensioner could not get in or out of the door when it failed.  I turned up on site got it open and did a temp repair so she could use.
I sourced the lock and returned the next day and fitted it.
These so called locksmiths give us all a bad name and its about time they were clamped down on, to stop these parasites taking advantage of distressed and vulnerable people.
So if your ever in need of any lock or safe services do your research. Don’t get the ones that have Quote Ref “number” these are not local and it could be anyone turning up at your door.
If its online check reviews good locksmiths will have dozens of reviews not 1 or 2  “that they have done themselves” which these parasites will do
Ask for id
Ask for proof of associations or public liability etc any good locksmith will carry these.

If you have any Lock or Safes that need opening repaired or serviced give me a call on 0191-2688009 or 07772623891

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