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Local Locksmith

June 19th, 2019

local locksmith or finding one may not be as straight forward as your might think.
There are a lot of company’s advertising as local when they are not the usual signs that they are not local is a 0800 number or they will ask you to quote a Reference number from the advert this will tell them where you are, in most cases you will pay up to 3 times as much than what a local locksmith would charge and the people they send will not be competent in most cases damaging locks doors unnecessarily which will then need replacing at a vastly higher price on some occasions they will ask you for a credit card or debit card before they even attend if you then cancel the job they will still charge you.
Any genuine local Locksmith will always be able to give an estimate of what the price will be to do the job correctly and in most cases this will not change.

If you ever want a price to open locks upgrade your security etc call me or email me on 0191-2688009 or 07772623891

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